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'Nuf said.
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A long read but worthwhile - especially if you've heard of Oculus Rift.
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While piracy is bad, DRM is the worst solution. It stops the consumer from legally using whatever it is that has the DRM on it.

Imagine that you buy a music track online. You can use it for personal use but you're not allowed to sell it or copy it for anyone else - no issues there.

But what happens then the licensor goes offline or out of business and the player wants to check your license? That's bad. Or when you buy some new player that isn't supported anymore? Also bad for you.
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Die Hard is one of my favourite movies. Dropping Alan Rickman one second earlier than he expected is priceless.
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I personally think marijuana use should be legalised. I don't smoke myself (never have) but the cost of policing such a low-level drug seems outrageous.

Can people be addicted to it? Absolutely. But then they can be addicted to alcohol, caffeine, painkillers and a bunch of other legal stuff. Legalise it, sell it and get on with our lives.
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July Powerlines Run

I hadn't been out in a long time - Macca posted a trip so out we went into the hills for a slippery afternoon. Only took a couple of photos and a few videos as there was only three of us.

It was very slippery out there

And it was also slippery up the hill

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Jim suggested that we spend the day in the sand so off to Lancelin we went with Mel and Julian in tow. It was a very windy day (as evidenced by the amount of sand blowing in the air and the sand I had left over in the car at the end) but a lot of fun was had. My camera filled up with sand halfway through the day and is now junk so no photos from the rest of the day...

Brettski on the same hill with Scre...
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CanTeen Trip 2009

This year we just had a day trip for the CanTeen crew - Froggy took us out to Wilbinga and we had a bit of play in the dunes.

No dramas this year - we had one tyre roll off a rim but luckily not during a turn - Ozzie just hit a bit of a ridge and the tyre popped off. Of interest were the other idiots out there.

One guy in an older Jeep Cherokee was trying to climb a dune that had a bit of a sharp angle of entry to it at the bottom. He hit it at speed, bashed in the f...
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Training Day

Froggy from Ultimate 4WD Training invited my out for the second day of his weekend training session. My parents were out for the weekend with him along with Lucas (in a TJ Wrangler) and Andrew (in a JK Wrangler Unlimited). Pera and Bronky were also along for the ride. We met at the lakes and headed into the Wandoo area.

Lucas at the river crossing